How to apply a Graphene ceramic coating to a 4-wheeler

How to prepare & apply a Graphene ceramic coating to a 4x4 wheel drive

For many car detailers, and off-road drivers there’s always the question of how a graphene ceramic coating can be applied, specifically how it can be applied to a 4-wheel drive.

We all know by now about the various types of Ceramic coatings, the newest addition being ¨Graphene Coatings¨. Graphene coatings are made of SiO2. , the base of all Ceramic Coatings, and combined with a type of Carbon called “Allotrope.”. These coatings are highly advanced and provide all the benefits any 4-wheel drive owner wants. 

In this blog article, we are going to dig deep into how to prepare a Toyota Prado or any 4-wheel drive for Graphene Ceramic Coating. 


The main 3 steps for applying a Graphene Ceramic Coating

Clean, correct, and protect- these are the three steps to getting superior protection that prevents exterior, and paint damage that we will discuss in this article.  

First of all, the exterior must be cleaned efficiently and effectively. With off-road trips comes dirt, mud, etc. that tend to build up, especially around the wheels and on the body. This is exactly why many are interested in understanding how Ceramic coatings can be applied and maintained- to prevent these contaminants from penetrating the paintwork and causing permanent damage. 


Cleaning the tires and rims 

It´s specifically for these off-road cars, they need a decent rinse and clean, and that’s where a good pressure hose comes in handy. Start with the tires and rim using an APC cleaner of choice.  Remove the built-up brake dust and the built-up iron particles. For more specifics on how to clean the wheels, check out this article.  


Expert tip: use a pressure cleaner plus the APC, and to clean the ¨underbelly¨ or otherwise known as the ¨bash plate¨. To make sure that the APC fully breaks down the built-up dirt particles, let it linger for a minute or two. 


Cleaning the car body 

Often many forget that by using the wrong tools you can damage the paintwork quite easily. We recommend that you avoid car washes and manually clean the exterior to safely lift any contaminants off the surface. Here’s our step-by-step article that’ll give it the perfect wash with zero scratches or damage.


For this step, we suggest that professionals start with a foam cannon wash. If you don’t have access to this, start off by rinsing off the exterior with a light hose/spray. Then move on to the two-bucket method with a proper wash mitt, starting from the top, and working your way down and in sections. 


Expert tip: Purchase and use a clay bar to decontaminate and further clean the exterior in preparation for the Graphene Ceramic Coating. 


Paint correction & polish

This is one step that shouldn’t be skipped if you are looking for the ultimate protection and shine with zero visible damage. Polish the surface as well. These two steps can be done with the products of your choice. 


Removing oxidation 

Some surfaces or parts that consist of metal may oxidize over time, this can be treated by using a metal polish with an applicator pad and a separate towel working in circular motions. 


Paint prep

Reliably remove all polish or wax residues, silicone, oil, and contamination preparing the surface for a Ceramic Coating application with a paint prep product. Wipe down all surfaces with this simple and easy spray before applying any Ceramic Coating to create a superior bond between the paint and the ceramic coating. 


Applying the Graphene Ceramic Coating

1: Plan your work. Apply the Onyx Ceramic Coating in small sections, such as one body panel at a time and if possible work in a team where one person applies the coating, and the other is ready to wipe

2:  Dab the applicator cloth with the ceramic coating, as directed.

3:  Working in small areas, apply the Onyx Ceramic coating

4: Once you’re done applying on one section, let sit for less than a minute to set

6: Wipe the area with an Onyx towel

7: Let the product cure for 3 hours in a covered area, without moving the car

8: Wash the car 1 week after


For more information on how to apply Graphene Ceramic Coating take a look at this article