Paint Prep


The product to prepare a car’s exterior for Ceramic Coating. Onyx Paint Prep effectively and reliably removes all polish or wax residues, silicon, oil, and contamination preparing the surface for a Ceramic Coating application. Its special formulas prevent swirl marks, is safe for painted surfaces, and removes all contaminants producing an exterior as smooth as glass.

  • Easy, simple, and effective
  • Quick and impressive removal of surface contaminants
  • Leaves the exterior prepped and as smooth as glass

Available sizes:

  • 300ml


Paint Prep

CONTENT: 300ml

APPLICABLE: Automotive Paints, Plastic and Metal

DURABILITY: 1~2 months (May vary according to the environment)

WATER REPELLENCY: 80 S° at 20 μL, glass

POLISH CONTROL: Removes all Oils, Wax and fillers

Gloss Level
Water Repellency
Pollutant Resistance

Paint Prep Benefits

Contains ingredients that allow a particularly smooth finish with a microfiber cloth due to high lubricity. This prevents scratches that can arise when using e.g. pure isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol).

Easily removes wax, silicone, fillers, and oil from car body paint, gel coat, metal, and wheels. Safe to use on most vehicle surfaces.

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