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Start Your Installer Game by Becoming A Certified ONYX COATING Installer

ONYX COATING empowers success through flawless installation, vital for business growth and maintaining our legacy. Our comprehensive training molds you into a master applicator of our top-tier surface protection and automotive film systems

Beyond Installation: Building Your Business Expertise

Our comprehensive training goes far beyond just application techniques. We delve deep into meticulous preparation methods, the cornerstone of a flawless ONYX COATING application. We equip you with the knowledge and skills to not only excel with our products but also to manage your business effectively. Gain valuable insights on lead generation, closing deals, and maximizing profits.

Benefits of Adding PPF to you Detailing Services

Unlock a New Level of Client Satisfaction

At ONYX COATING, we believe in empowering your detailing business to thrive. Integrating Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation into your service portfolio unlocks a multitude of benefits, propelling you towards greater success.

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What We Offer!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) represents a cornerstone of our product line, and exceptional installation is paramount for maximizing its effectiveness. This is why we offer a comprehensive, hands-on PPF installation training program designed to transform you into a certified ONYX COATING installer.

Expert-Led, Hands-On Training

Our program goes beyond the theoretical. Led by seasoned professionals with a proven track record in PPF, you'll gain the practical skills and knowledge necessary for flawless installation. Immerse yourself in a multi-day training experience, mastering all aspects of PPF application, from meticulous surface preparation to precise film cutting and flawless finishing.

Unlock the Benefits of Certification

Upon successful completion of the program, you'll earn your coveted ONYX COATING installer certification. This prestigious designation signifies your expertise and elevates your business profile. It empowers you to confidently offer industry-leading PPF services to your clientele, ensuring their vehicles receive the ultimate protection and boosting your customer satisfaction.

Training Courses: ONYX COATING Academy

1. Paint Protection Film (PPF) Training:

Overview: This course covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques in PPF application. Students learn both bulk and plotter cutting, proper film application methods, and essential tool usage.

Key Skills: Solution mixing, hand-cutting tips, and sales strategies are integral parts of the curriculum. This ensures that graduates are not only skilled in application but also proficient in selling their services.

Certification: Upon successful completion, participants receive certification, validating their expertise and readiness to handle professional projects.

2. Vinyl Wrap Training:

Overview: This program focuses on the art of vinyl wrapping, including hand-cutting techniques, knifeless tape usage, and applying heat gun techniques.

Key Skills: The course also covers post-heating techniques and proper wrapping around corners, which are crucial for a seamless finish.

Certification: A certification test at the end of the course ensures that only those who have mastered the skills receive certification.

3. Window Tinting Training:

Overview: This course teaches students how to hand-cut and plotter-cut window films, heat shrink, and install film on various types of glass.

Key Skills: Emphasis is placed on developing professionalism and effective sales techniques, ensuring that graduates can confidently market their services.

Certification: Certification is awarded to students who demonstrate proficiency in all the required skills.


Partnership between ONYX COATING and Pure Luxury Academy

ONYX COATING, a leading distributor of technically advanced paint protection solutions, and Pure Luxury Academy have joined forces in a strategic partnership to elevate the detailing industry in the USA. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for ONYX COATING, signifying its commitment to empowering the detailing community through comprehensive technical education.

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