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The 10H Coating to keep your Craft Protected

Our products are designed to protect ships from everything that nature can throw at them. Whether it be smooth sailing through a sunny paradise, passing through a storm on the open ocean, or the average wear from the dock, our premium marine products will keep any vessel protected and looking like new.

Safe at Sea

Sail with confidence knowing that your nautical pride is protected. Our custom 10H formula is optimized to provide the best performance for the marine industry. Acting as a tough and robust solution to protect the surface, and keep the structure safe.

Our Products

Premium Range Marine Coating

Our product range includes everything from ceramic coatings to interior coatings, glass protectors, wax and silicone removers, paint preppers, and even more. We have everything you need to polish, buff, detail, coat, and shine your craft to absolute perfection. All while offering it the unmatched protection you are looking for.

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Stay up-to-date with our latest blog articles that inform all about the newest products on the market, how to install them, as well as key information and news for detailers and installers.


Why choose ONYX COATING?


Watch as water beads off the deck with our super hydrophobic coatings.

UV Protection

Protect the paintwork from UV damage and keep its vibrant colour despite the conditions.


Let the fear of a rough docking be a thing of the past with a 10H coating.


With minimal maintenance, our products are guaranteed to provide protection for years to come.


With our chemical and contaminant resistant coating, the surface is kept clean. Needing only minor occasional maintenance.


No matter where our ceramic coatings are applied to, get an incredible, beautiful and deep glossy finish that you are looking for.


Our ceramic coatings adhere to the surface making it resistant to corrosion and oxidation and contamination-free.


Bonds tight with the surtace to maintain a uniform cover and protect the surface evenly.

High Quality

We use only the highest grade Si02 Ingredients when making our coating. Making for a solid and stable costing to give the best protection.

Environmentally Safe Ingredients

The product is made with environmentally safe ingredients to keep the vessel protected while protecting the environment.