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We are the First Manufacturer of a Combined 10H and N1 Nano Coating

At ONYX COATING we manufacture automotive protection and care products that deliver and guarantee complete protection for vehicles of all types.

We are one of the most advanced auto care companies on the market, using the latest technologies such as new ceramic coatings that require a one-coat layer and no longer require a base or topcoat like other brands.

Extended Expert Range of Superior Products for every Car Detailing Need

From polishing to buffing, detailing, and coating, our products will give the exterior and interior the ultimate upgrade and unmatched protection that it deserves.

ONYX COATING supplies the exact, high quality and professional products for every detailing need.


Every Day Like Brand New


Our Advanced Nano Technology Formula

Infused with the newest technology, our advanced protective coatings and products provide clients, our installers, and distributors with the latest and greatest exterior and interior protection.

From endurance, appearance, performance, and exceptional hardness, our products contain what they need to ensure that no matter where they are applied to they deliver incredible results made to last.

Why choose Nano Technology?

This use of nanotechnology is the new industry standard for detailing. With this technology, not only are cars coming out of workshops looking more stunning and glossier than ever, but are being thoroughly protected for a longer duration.

The application of graphene coatings has been researched for over decades in order to find the best protection for all kinds of surfaces. The results have been astounding, and show that it provides an excellent protection for hard surfaces. Especially when protecting metal from wear and corrosion.

Graphene Infused Nano Technology

This application of graphene nanotechnology in the automotive world takes the form of transparent coatings. These coatings adhere to the surface of the car, and prevent anything from touching the actual paint. This allows the paint to shine through, while protecting it from costly damage.

Not only are they more durable than a traditional polymer coating, but they also offer all of the benefits for a beautiful finish. With its ability to protect a car while showing off its best features, this use of graphene nanotechnology is the new standard.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of graphene infusion, this problem has been solved. By creating a solution that hardens into graphene sheets, cars have never been better protected.


We are one of the most advanced Automotive Protection Providers in the market who provides the World’s First 10H & N1 Nano Coating!


World Class Quality, advanced protective formulas created by experts

Tested by
Independent Labs

ONYX COATING products are tested by independent and reputable labs. Our ceramic coatings are tested for resistance to particulates, liquids, weather, UV, mud, and abrasions.

High Gloss

Get a high gloss finish that leaves your car looking silky smooth while offering a high level of protection, only with ONYX COATING.


All ONYX COATING products come with a guarantee for a beautiful, glossy, and shining finish that will protect your car from day-today damage.

Special Care
For All Cars

ONYX COATING products offer outstanding protection for paint, leather, fabric, metal, plastic, and glass for all vehicles on the road today. Whether they be a classic, a workhorse, an EV, or even a supercar. We have them all covered.

Lasts A

With proper application and maintenance, our products guarantee a beautiful glossy finish that will protect your car from whatever is thrown at it.

UV & Chemical

Formulated to be resistant contaminants, weather and environmental factors, our coatings protect your vehicle from not only physical damage but chemical.