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Vunyx® Window Film

Cutting-Edge Vunyx® Window Films : Revolutionizing Heat Rejection and UV Protection

Elevate Your Customer Satisfaction with Vunyx® Window Films

In the realm of window film installation, satisfied customers are the cornerstone of your success. They are the advocates who praise your work, recommend your services, and sustain your business growth. How can you ensure their satisfaction exceeds expectations? By providing a product that offers superior performance, ease of installation, and enduring value—Vunyx® Window Films by ONYX COATING.

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Vunyx® Sputtering Ceramic Window Film

Premium Performance Through Advanced Sputtering Ceramic Technology.​

Vunyx® Sputtering Ceramic Window Film is an advanced solution designed to provide superior heat rejection performance through the combination of ceramic and sputtering technologies. With the ability to reject up to a 98% of infrared heat, Vunyx® Sputtering Ceramic Window Films create a noticeably cooler car interior.


Vunyx® Window Film

Premium Performance Through Advanced Nano Ceramic Technology.

Introducing Vunyx® Window Film, the ultimate choice for installers seeking superior performance and style. Utilizing cutting-edge nano ceramic technology, Vunyx® films ensure enduring color stability, excellent heat rejection, and a sleek appearance, making every installation a masterpiece.

Vunyx® Window Film combines integrated, color-stable dye technology to deliver a lasting deep charcoal hue that sets it apart from traditional tints. Unlike surface-applied dyes prone to fading, Vunyx® ensures durability and consistent color over time.