Vunyx® Films

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

About Vunyx® Films

Vunyx® Films is an example of ingenuity, dependability, and enduring quality. Forged with meticulous craftsmanship by seasoned German experts, Vunyx® Films emerges as the quintessential answer to safeguarding your vehicle’s flawless exterior from the rigors of daily life.

Experience the Excellence of Vunyx® Films, the latest groundbreaking innovation from ONYX COATING, meticulously designed to uphold the impeccable allure of showroom perfection while providing unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s paint.

Vunyx® PPF : Redefining Industry Standards for Advanced Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Discover Vunyx® Films, ONYX COATING’s latest innovation, engineered to preserve showroom perfection and deliver unmatched paint protection. Boasting advanced Stain stain-resistant technology, this product not only shields any vehicle’s factory paint but also imparts long-lasting & self-healing properties, non-yellowing clarity, and a brilliant glossy finish. Elevate any vehicle’s appearance and protection to a whole new level with Vunyx® Films.

Vunyx® Tinting Transforms Vehicles into Comfortable Retreats

The Vunyx® automotive window tint goes beyond mere aesthetics, delivering a multitude of impressive benefits. Employing an array of cutting-edge technologies, we combat the adverse effects of the sun with remarkable efficacy.

Elevate Exterior Aesthetics with Vunyx® Wrapping Films

The Vunyx® vinyl wrapping you’ve been waiting for. This is a transformative experience for all vehicles, enhancing their appearance while also providing vital protection. By effectively sealing any car’s paintwork from the elements, it ensures long-lasting beauty and resilience.

Vunyx® Film: Defending Excellence, Enhancing Elegance.

Vunyx® Film stands out as a highly advanced paint protection film. It comes in distinct thickness options, ensuring comprehensive protection for the surfaces. The complete Vunyx® Films range boasts near-invisibility while effectively shielding against daily wear and tear such as scuffs, scratches, chips, and other common damages.

This signifies an enhanced level of protection, with up to a 25% increase in resistance against potential damage caused by corrosive elements such as acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap.
Works like magic with superhydrophobic technology keeping surfaces clean by repelling water, making cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of scraping ice off your car – Vunyx Films prevents ice buildup, ensuring crystal clarity to your automotive.
Designed to make surfaces look amazing. Our innovative tech ensures fantastic results every time, with brilliant shine, lasting protection, easy application, and versatile use.
Outstanding device protection, akin to impenetrable shields. They ensure your devices remain in excellent condition for years, defending against all potential threats.
For a long-lasting car, stick to regular maintenance. Vunyx Films protect from scratches and UV damage, keeping your car sleek.
Delivering unbeatable stain-fighting, specially designed with tough ingredients to keep your stuff fresh and clean – our formula shields against dirt, grime, and spills, keeping everything look pristine.
Experience a worry-free, spotless space with Vunyx Films! They ward off dirt and stains, sparing you time and work.
Specially designed to provide an effective barrier against harmful contaminants. Whether it’s dust, dirt, scratches, or even fingerprints, our films will prevent these unwanted invaders from causing any harm to your valuable possessions.
Vunyx Films protects your car’s youthful charm. They form a strong shield, keeping your vehicle safe from scratches and dings. No more worries about blemishes – just a flawless, pristine look!
Built to endure scorching heat, heavy rains, and freezing temps, ensuring long-lasting protection. Say goodbye to faded or peeling films – your possessions are safe and secure with us.
Advanced invisible car protection shields act as silent guardians, keeping your car safe and beautiful. No more frustration over new scratches or everyday wear and tear worries with Vunyx Films.
Vunyx Films guards your vehicle against daily challenges, such as harsh weather, road debris, and minor scratches. This product works as a strong shield, no matter what your vehicle encounters ensuring long-lasting protection and style.

Vunyx® Film Structure

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Why choose ONYX COATING?


Watch as water beads off the deck with our super hydrophobic coatings.

UV Protection

Protect the paintwork from UV damage and keep its vibrant colour despite the conditions.


Let the fear of a rough docking be a thing of the past with a 10H coating.


With minimal maintenance, our products are guaranteed to provide protection for years to come.


With our chemical and contaminant resistant coating, the surface is kept clean. Needing only minor occasional maintenance.


No matter where our ceramic coatings are applied to, get an incredible, beautiful and deep glossy finish that you are looking for.


Our ceramic coatings adhere to the surface making it resistant to corrosion and oxidation and contamination-free.


Bonds tight with the surtace to maintain a uniform cover and protect the surface evenly.

High Quality

We use only the highest grade Si02 Ingredients when making our coating. Making for a solid and stable costing to give the best protection.

Environmentally Safe Ingredients

The product is made with environmentally safe ingredients to keep the vessel protected while protecting the environment.