Graphene PRO 10H & N1

Ultra Hard 10H Ceramic Coating

The 1st Certified 10H Nano Coating Product with N1 smoothness level that stays for a lifetime.

  • World’s First N1 Nano Coating
  • 10H Hardness
  • Stays Lifetime
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N1 Benefits


N1 smooth surfaces adhere less to weather contamination, keeping your coated surface looking great for a longer time. As smoother N1 surfaces with lesser friction coefficients last longer, it minimizes the need for maintenance works.    graphene car coating  It world’s first n1 nano-coating with very high contact angle upon application. N1 also increases the water repellency angle of more than 120°.

10 H Benefits


Graphene 10H is super resistant to scratches and offers a permanent 10H ceramic barrier, with high-gloss and superb durability. The super-hard coating forms a permanent covalent bond to paint, gel coat, metal, and wheels. Provide a layer thickness of more than 800 nanometers.


  • CONTENT: 50ml
  • APPLICABLE MATERIAL: Paint, Plastic, Aluminum, Chrome
  • DURABILITY: Lifetime
  • HARDNESS: 10H Pencil Hardness
  • WATER REPELLENCY: 120S° at 20 μL, glass
  • OIL REPELLENCY: 70° at 20 μL, glass
  • ROLL OFF ANGLE: 4-9° at 20 μL, glass
  • COATING THICKNESS: 800-1000 nm
  • INITIAL CURING TIME: IR Heat Treatment- 1 hour Room Temperature: 2~5 hours
  • FINAL CURING TIME: 14 Days (For using maintenance coat or wash)
  • BUILD-UP TIME: 4-6 Days (cures with H2O in the atmosphere)

Gloss Level100%


Water Repellency90%

Chemical Resistance100%

Scratch Resistance100%

Pollutant Resistance100%


Protect Your Car
with World's #1 N1
Coating Product

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