Interior Coating

The perfect interior coating formulated with a Hybrid solvent base that can be applied to both fabric and leather. It provides the ultimate protection against stains, dirt, contaminants, water, and oil. Not only easy to apply, but it also produces a superhydrophobic and smooth surface that is protected for up to 12 months.

  • Hybrid: works on both leather and fabric
  • 150° liquid repellency
  • Lasts long up to 1 year

Available sizes:

  • 300ml
  • 1 liter


Interior Coating

CONTENT: 300ml

APPLICABLE: Plastic, Fabric, Leather

DURABILITY: 3~12 months (May vary according to the environment)

WATER REPELLENCY: 150S° at 20 μL, Cotton Fabric

OIL REPELLENCY: 60° at 20 μL, glass

ROLL OFF ANGLE: 2~3° at 20 μL, glass


INITIAL CURING TIME: Heat Treated- 10~30 minutes
Room Temperature: 1~6 hours

Gloss Level (If used on plastic)
Water Repellency
Pollutant Resistance

* Performance value may differ according to how it has been applied.

Interior Coating Benefits

World's first Alcohol Base Nano coating for protecting leather and fabric that provides protection from stains and dirt. Not only this but it also creates a super Hydrophobic barrier and liquid repellency of 150° providing shield which keeps your protected surface shine for many months.

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