Must have Car Care Products for 2021

Must have Car Care Products for 2021

New Year, New Car- well almost! We have compiled a list of top Car Care Products to start off your 2021 with that will leave any car looking as clean and as new as can be. It all starts with having the right products to wash both the interior and exterior, followed by products that guarantee protection from contamination, dirt, and general damage that can occur to a car. Our focus is to supply you with all the knowledge about each product and why we recommend it. 


High-quality & effective soap 

First of all, it is key to have a professional soap to wash the exterior that is pH-neutral so it is safe for all surfaces of the car. Many think that by simply washing the exterior with all soap that the car will automatically clean, this certainly isn´t the case. If the soap is low quality it simply might be as effective when it comes to eliminating dirt and grime. The exterior could be left with contaminants and therefore it won´t have that deep, glossy shine you are searching for. 

Microfiber Wash Mitt 

When it comes to washing the exterior it´s not only essential to have the right kind of soap but also cleaning tools. We recommend buying a quality Microfiber Wash Mitt that makes it both easy to wash the exterior by having more control but also clean the exterior without scratching the paint, 


Over the years, grime and grease can build up. We highly recommend that you purchase a decreaser, each country has its own local products, to clean built-up oil, grime, dirt on the engine baby, under-body or exhaust pipes.

Brush hero

There are areas that are just too difficult to reach manually and you may need extra assistance to reach those areas. We recommend a product you can purchase on Amazon that is called Brush hero. It is known as the ultimate detail brush that is perfect for cleaning car parts that you simply can´t reach for example inside of the wheels. It is much like a powerful hose that rotates, removing grime with water pressure. 

Interior coating 

To give that luxurious feel and absolute shine we suggest applying an interior coating, and we have the exact product recommendation for you! ONYX COATING has released a Hybrid Interior Coating that works on leather, plastic, and fabric. It acts like a layer of protection that prevents any dirt, chemicals, or accidents from damaging the interior. 

Preparing for Ceramic Coating 

ONYX COATING has developed the perfect product to help car detailers and professionals prepare the exterior for a ceramic coating. This product assists in removing any wax, silicone, filler, and oils and it leaves the surface as smooth as glass.

Nano-Ceramic Coating

Get that deep, glossy exterior for a lifetime. A car´s exterior lasts a few days after cleaning until it is left with marks or stains for dirt and contaminants. We developed a product, Nano-Ceramic Coating that saves you time on cleaning the exterior and gives you the feeling of having a new car, every single day of the year. It is super resistant to scratches and offers a permanent 10H ceramic barrier, with high-gloss and superb durability.


Start off 2021 with all the expert knowledge and professional products a car deserves.