Onyx Coating Unveils Revolutionary Paint Protection Solutions: Introducing Vunyx® PPF Gel and Paint Prep Plus

Introducing Vunyx® PPF Gel and Paint Prep Plus

ONYX COATING, a trailblazer in automotive protection and care products, has made waves in the industry with the launch of two groundbreaking solutions: Vunyx® PPF Gel and Paint Prep Plus. These cutting-edge products, born from meticulous German engineering, promise to revolutionize the way professionals achieve flawless finishes.

Paint Prep Plus: The Foundation for Flawless Finishes

Paint Prep Plus is a game-changer, specifically designed to eradicate all traces of contaminants from vehicle surfaces. Its meticulous cleaning process ensures a perfectly prepped surface, ready for the application of Paint Protection Film and ceramic coating.

Mr. Ahmed Madi, Sales Director of ONYX COATING, highlights the uniqueness of Paint Prep Plus, stating, “What truly sets Paint Prep Plus apart is its innovative formula. This solution prevents swirl marks and holograms, guaranteeing a pristine surface for a flawless finish. Its user-friendly, single-step application makes it ideal for professionals seeking efficiency without compromising on quality. Safe for all painted surfaces, Paint Prep Plus offers peace of mind, knowing it won’t damage or strip away the paint. This remarkable product is the key to achieving the highest level of quality and a superior finish for any vehicle.”

Vunyx® PPF Gel: The Future of Paint Protection Film Installation

Designed specifically for professional use, Vunyx® PPF Gel is a game-changer in the realm of paint protection film applications. Its advanced formula ensures extended wetness, even in extreme heat, facilitating a perfect, bubble-free finish every time.

All New Vunyx® PPF Gel offers a myriad of benefits for professional detailers:

Extended Wetness: Remains effective for longer durations, especially in hot climates.
Superior Cling: Adheres seamlessly to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Even Spreading: Ensures consistent application for a flawless finish.
High Viscosity: Provides the optimal balance between slip and tack for effortless installation.
Customizable Consistency: Dilutable 1:1 ratio allows for personalized use, catering to various application needs.

These time-saving and efficiency-enhancing properties make Vunyx® PPF Gel a standout choice for professionals looking to streamline our PPF installation process. Change the installation game with Vunyx® PPF Gel.

Experience the Future of Automotive Protection
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