How to clean and protect glass windows and windshields

How to clean and protect glass windows and windshields

The exact guide you need for how to clean and protect a vehicle’s glass and windshield. Glass coatings hold the key to maintaining every window and windshield clean, protected, and smear-free. When driving there is nothing more annoying than not being able to see the road ahead, which is exactly why we have come up with a list of steps to clean, protect, and get that sparkling, and smear-free finish.


With the correct products, it’s as easy as following the three steps prepping, protecting, and maintaining. Ironically, sometimes one of these steps in car detailing is often forgotten, which is why we are here to supply all the necessary information you need as a car detailer or car enthusiast. 


Step 1: Prepping 

The first step is prepping the glass surfaces, which is all about cleaning them. Much like every other surface on a vehicle, glass suffers from exposure to various elements, which is exactly why it’s often needed to be cleaned more regularly than paintwork. 


Sap, dirt, contamination, rain, and bird droppings leave marks behind on paintwork and they can do just the same to a vehicle’s glass. Which is why cleaning the glass is essential.  When left on the surface for long periods of time, these elements can encrust into the surface, making them harder to remove. 


We propose that you use a glass cleaner to complete this step. 


Step 2: Protecting

The easiest way to protect glass from micro scratches and guarantee visibility is by applying a glass coating. This product forms an incredible bond with glass surfaces, providing the high endurance and long durability that many seek. 


As well as prohibiting any contaminants from causing damage, this superior glass coating increases surface hardness that helps shield against scratches and stone chip damage. In addition to these benefits, the Glass Coating increases vision as it reduces reflection.


The list of benefits that a glass coating supplies are as follows: 


Not only this, but the hydrophobic properties in the coating make watermarks a thing of the past. These properties make cleaning easier as any water that touches the surface picks up the dirt particles and rolls right off rather than encrusting them onto the surface. Having a hydrophobic windshield makes it so much easier to keep your windshield clear of gunk, for both visibility and aesthetics’ sake.


With a Glass Coating, keeping your windshield clear of gunk, both for visibility and aesthetic reasons, has never been more attainable. 

Read more about this in this blog article. 


Step 3: Maintaining

When it comes to maintenance we recommend cleaning the glass surfaces when seen as necessary. We suggest that you remove them as soon as you see sap or bird droppings with a waterless wash

The Onyx Coating Waterless Wash is chosen by professional detailers because its easy-to-use, advanced formula with a guarantee of no scratch. Use it on glass, chrome, paint, and more.

This product ensures that for example, the bird droppings which mainly contain stones do not scratch the surface when being removed. Keep in mind that just because the glass on the window may be harder, this doesn’t mean it can’t be scratched. 


These scratches not only reduce the vehicle’s worth but also can decrease visibility.  For more reasons why we suggest getting a glass coating to prevent micro-scratches click here.

Maintenance is made easier when a glass coating has been applied, which is why the third step to getting a sparkling, smear-free windshield and windows lies in protecting them. 


So there you have it! The three keys to getting a clean, sparkling, and smear-free finish on a glass surface lie in prepping, protecting, and maintaining.