The 3 unique benefits of a glass coating

The 3 unique benefits of applying a glass coating

There are too many benefits that come from applying a glass coating to not discuss this topic, so in this blog article, we will discuss exactly what a glass coating is its benefits and information about our AF Plus Glass Coating.

Whether it’s for visibility, cleaning or just the aesthetic, glass coatings are the go-to for protecting windshields and windows against imperfections and contaminants. Here are our top benefits of applying a glass coating.


Benefit number 1 of a Glass Coating: Improved Visibility

When it comes to driving through the rain it can become very difficult to maintain a clear view and focus on the road. Wipers help but only in shedding water to a certain extent. This is where glass coatings come in handy. Their hydrophobic nanostructure properties ensure that the water droplets roll straight off. 

Not only water can leave spots and marks on the surface, but when driving through muddy, wet areas, dirt and stains can build up on the glass. Which can also impact how clearly the driver can see. Yet again, the hydrophobic properties of the coating ensure that the mudslides right off rather than clinging to the surface. 

Other contaminants that can affect visibility include bird droppings, insect remains, plant matter, etc. This coating protects the windshield and guarantees to make driving easier and safer as it does everything to help improve visibility on the road. 


Benefit number 2 of a Glass Coating: Cleaning made easy

As we just mentioned, the hydrophobic properties in the coating make watermarks a thing of the past. These properties make cleaning easier as any water that touches the surface picks up the dirt particles and rolls right off rather than encrusting them onto the surface. Having a hydrophobic windshield makes it so much easier to keep your windshield clear of gunk, for both visibility and aesthetics’ sake.

With a Glass Coating, keeping your windshield clear of gunk, both for visibility and aesthetic reasons, has never been more attainable. 


Benefit number 3 of a Glass Coating: Incredible clarity

Aesthetically, windshields and windows could never look better. The nanostructure formula is perfect for filling in imperfections found on a glass surface. Acquire a level of clarity that a simple glass cleaner just can’t provide. 


About our AF Plus Glass Coating:

This product forms an incredible bond with glass surfaces, providing the high endurance and long durability that many seek. The ONYX COATING Glass Coating provides incomparable water repellency that in turn prevents water spots which is a recurring problem many encounters.

As well as prohibiting any contaminants from causing damage, this superior glass coating increases surface harness that helps shield against scratch and stone chip damage. In addition to these benefits, the Glass Coating increases vision as it reduces reflection.

Benefits that this product provides:

-High endurance and long durability

-Incredible water repellency

-Reduces reflection


For our guide to installing the coating check out our YouTube tutorial

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