Onyx Coating attended the Southern Detailers Conference 2022

Southern detailers conference 2022

In May 2022, ONYX COATING attended the Southern Detailers Conference in Lexington, KY, where alongside other brands we were able to present our latest and greatest products for the car care and detailing industry!

What is the Southern Detailers Conference?

Daryl started the Southern Detailer’s Conference in 2019 and it was a HUGE success! SDC 2019 and 2021 attracted some of the top detailers and detailing product companies from around the world. We designed the event to allow the attendees more direct access to meet and discuss ideas and products with some of the most knowledgeable detailers in our industry. We provided an environment that promoted hands-on learning opportunities taught by the best of the best.

The response we received from both vendors and attendees was beyond positive. We witnessed discussions and the exchange of ideas across different vendor platforms. Detailers from different shops discuss various techniques and standards. In these 2 days, we experienced an atmosphere of camaraderie that makes our industry better and stronger.


Introducing our new products

This year at the Southern Detailers conference, the host, Daryl Lyons, who is also our USA brand ambassador presented various of our products with all the benefits including the Supreme Compound, Hologram Free, and our Graphene Ceramic Coating. 


Supreme Compound

Our Supreme Compound is the ultimate cutting compound for car detailers, repairers, and restorers. The most powerful solution to remove even the worst imperfections from clear and gel coating. Dust-free, cool operating, and quick acting. It cuts through imperfections in clear and gel coating better than any traditional abrasive material. 

It features an extremely abrasive grinding component, an aluminum oxide microparticle cutting booster, and no filler. Supreme Compound makes quick work of imperfections in a coating.

Check out the video explication here> 


Hologram Free

Hologram Free is our new hologram removal solution. It does not only remove holograms, but fine sanding marks, and paint defects. With its use of ultra-fine grinding components, it leaves the surface of any car with a brilliant, glossy, and flawless finish.

Our formula is sealant-free, silicone-free, and both easy to apply and remove. Making it perfect for use in any workshop. Whether it’s touching up small areas without hassle, refining the finish of a car, or fixing a job gone wrong. This solution has you covered. 


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Graphene Ceramic Coating

The combination of Nano-technology and the properties of Graphene, including its flexibility, transparency, highly conductive, and impermeability, make it the perfect material for protecting an exterior. It’s the product for a lifetime of protection against exterior contaminants, scratches, and more that can be applied to paint, metal and wheels.

Graphene Ceramic coatings and general ceramic coatings are based on the same idea and theory. The reason why Graphene ceramic coatings outperform other coatings is that it is one of the sturdiest substances on the planet in addition to being one of the lightest, making its bonding abilities more effective. 

If you are looking for more information about how Graphene Ceramic Coatings perform, check out this blog article


Check out the video explication here>


Join us next year at the SDC conference, check out their website here.