The 3 must-know tips for preventing rust

The 3 most-know tips for preventing rust

Rust is one of a vehicle’s mortal enemies, but we have three expert tips for preventing it! Most car bodies and components contain iron and when this is exposed to oxygen and moisture, rust forms. This is exactly why vehicle manufacturers coat exteriors with several layers of paint, but this sometimes is not enough. 

Rust itself causes three problems: destroys the vehicle’s aesthetic as well as its structure which in turn leads to costly repairs.


ONYX COATING’s 3 expert tips for preventing rust

Car detailing

Rust can develop from a little as a minor scratch and grow beneath the surface which causes long-lasting damage. It corrodes ceramic coatings and therefore leaves the exterior looking damaged and aged, which is exactly why as soon as it’s spotted it should be looked into by a car detailer. 

Regular inspection and car detailing are one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your vehicle from rust which in turn helps maintain its value. Car detailers know what they are doing which means that they can point out paint defects which could then lead to rust formation. 


Build-up prevention is key

The best way to control the build-up of rust is through preventive measures, once it has developed it should be contained and eliminated ASAP. It can eat away and weakens internal components which then directly compromises a vehicle’s stability, wheel wells, fuel tank housing, etc. 


Exterior protective products

Nowadays there are a variety of products that can prevent damage and rust build-up. At ONYX COATING we offer an extended range of products for every detailing need, including rust prevention. 

1. Graphene Pro

Graphene Pro provides the ultimate shield for painted surfaces, metal surfaces, metal, and glass against damage with its 100% guaranteed chemical, scratch, and pollutant resistance that lasts a lifetime. This Ceramic Coating provides a thick layer of protection up to 1000nm.

Achieve a super smooth, extremely glossy, and hydrophobic invisible layer of protection through a simple application process.

2. Graphene Pure

This product is designed with the incredibly advanced Graphene infused Ceramic Coating technology that forms a bond with the exterior that protects like no other. The thick layer of coating that provides a 10H is formulated with small molecules that enhance its protective abilities as a result of this bond between the car’s exterior and the product.

3. Nano Ceramic Coating

Enhance the reflective properties of a car´s paint by adding a smooth, deep shine and glossy finish with the 9H Nano Ceramic Coating manufactured with the latest Nano-coating technology.

The Nano-particles within this product combine the protectant with the exterior, forming an invisible layer of protection up to 800nm that is impermeable. Its flexibility makes it applicable to painted surfaces, metal surfaces as well as paint and glass.

Achieve a hydrophobic surface that guarantees resistance to chemicals, scratches, pollutants, oxidation, corrosion, and UV ray with just one application.

One of our expert recommendations is to apply a ceramic coating to prevent rust build-up from the get-go! Check out this blog article for the exact ways how our Nano Ceramic Coating prevents rust!