The key to long-term car maintenance: car detailing

Car detailing the key to long-term car maintenance

The key to long-term car maintenance lies in detailing. It is essential for long-term maintenance and ensuring that any vehicle is not only prepared to get on the road but prepared for anything that might be thrown at it. As cars hit the road, whether they are protected or not, they are exposed to a variety of external and environmental factors that can lead to and cause permanent and irreversible damage. Whether it’s the strong UV rays, rain, snow, hail, or the wind that carries toxic particles, the first step to protecting vehicles from this is detailing. 


It’s not just about waxes and ceramic coatings

Car detailing isn’t just applying waxes and ceramic coatings to prevent permanent damage to a car exterior, it also includes proper maintenance from removing scratches, dents, and small cracks. This overall guarantees that the vehicle’s exterior survives in the long run. 


Rust and fading

Once a wax or ceramic coating is properly applied, in addition to creating a glossy reflection, the coating protects the paint from rust and fading. Both occur due to environments that, to be frank, just can’t be controlled. But what can be controlled is how well the car is protected from both. 


What the car detailing services usually include 

Generally, all car detailers carry out the following processes:

  1. A complete exterior clean and decontamination 
  2. This includes a clean-up of the wheels and removal of brake dust
  3. Polishing and minor scratches and dents are removals
  4. Interior maintenance: such as vacuuming seats, carpets, and boot
  5. Window, mirror, dust cleanup 
  6. Carpet and seat cleanse (shampoo)
  7. Clear coat polish: to remove minor scratches and cracks


Why is this crucial for long-term maintenance?

When it comes down to car care, daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is crucial.  When done regularly enough both the vehicle’s exterior and interior will last longer as built-up contaminants are removed and therefore don’t cause damage to either. 

We often forget that small things like bird droppings can lead to micro-scratches and damage. The bird droppings themselves are quite acidic and contain small rocks that when left on the surface for too long, encrust, and later when removed cause little micro scratches that leave the exterior looking rather awful. 

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Products that a detailer should supply/products you can ask for

There are a variety of products that you can offer your client, or as a car, enthusiast ask your detailer for. These include a range of interior and exterior protectants and must-have maintenance products. This includes interior coatings, waterless-wash spray for exterior daily maintenance, paint prep sprays, hybrid-ceramic sprays, nano, and graphene ceramic coatings. 


Some doubts you might about:

What’s the benefit of coating a car? 

A high-quality coating will protect your car during day-to-day usage, keeping it looking sparkling new. This includes protection from scratches, nicks, dust, dirt, water, mud, chemical, and UV damage. 


Do I still need to wax my car? 

With a ceramic coating, you will not need to wax your car. However, we do recommend giving it a touch-up yearly with Hybrid Ceramic Spray. This helps to strengthen any worn spots on the coating. 


Why coat the inside of my car? 

Coatings can protect more than just the external paint. They are also used to protect glass, plastics, and even leather and fabrics. These will help to keep the car clean and shining.


Why coat fabrics?  

Coating a fabric gives the treated surface a hydrophobic effect. Making it harder to stain and easier to clean. This makes it perfect for carpets, clothes, curtains, etc. 

There are some processes that you just can’t do at home, which is why going to a car detailer in the long-hall will guarantee that the vehicle’s interior and exterior are protected and therefore the look lasts a lot longer.