DIY car detailing: enhance & protect with these 4 products

DIY car detailing products

It’s not secret that car lovers enjoy taking care and maintaining both the interior and exterior of their cars, which is exactly why we have come up with a list of the top four products you or your clients might enjoy using for DIY car detailing. 


DIY products are not only cost-effective but they have a variety of benefits in terms of maintenance and short-term protection against scratches, bird droppings, UV rays etc. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes down to DIY car detailing which is why in this blog article we will dig into the four products you SHOULD use and the definite steps you can take when it comes to doing it yourself.


Effective quick & easy upkeep

One of the easiest ways to keep up with maintenance is by having a waterless wash product at hand as soon as any bird droppings appear. Not only does this remove the majority of the droppings, that if removed after they have dried can cause scratches, but also it prevents the acidity from the droppings from causing permanent damage to the paintwork. 


We recommend that you purchase a waterless wash to have at hand in your glove compartment, alongside a microfiber towel for day-to-day upkeep. It can be used almost anywhere, no hose, bucket, or rinsing is required. The advanced technology contains a water spot-free formula with a high lubricity that, when used as directed, protects the surface against swirling and scratching. So that’s it, a few sprays and wipes then the exterior is clean!


Biweekly hand washes

Although a waterless wash is a solution to removing most contaminants, there are some things that build up that need to be removed with a proper wash. We cannot stress enough that some automatic car washes can cause damage and permanent scratches, this is why we suggest that you wash the exterior manually. For the exact steps for a manual wash follow this blog article. 


We recommend that you wash from top to bottom, making sure to remove dirt, stains, mud, and even built-up brake dust wheels (for this you will need to follow this blog article).


Microfibre towel: 

While you’re buying the best treatments for your vehicle, the key to an effective exterior clean also lies with the equipment you choose. Our new microfibre towel and microfiber wash mitt are the best choices to apply protective coatings to your vehicle and keep it clean.

​​Achieve a brilliant shine with our Falke 520 Edgeless Detailing Towel. This towel is a luxuriously plush 520 GSM, which is custom-designed with a special wave circular knit. It provides the best results when detailing a car, and can be used for a wide variety of jobs. 


Temporary & efficient protection

We also suggest that you apply a temporary yet very effective layer of protection after you can give the exterior a full washdown. 

 For this, we recommend a Hybrid Ceramic Spray that is unlike any ceramic spray in the detailing world. Thanks to nano-ceramic technology and the power of ONYX COATING polymer technology helps increase water, bugs, and grime repellency. Our hybrid ceramic spray leaves behind a mirror gloss finish and streak-free finish. 


So there you have it! If you are looking for more information about our products or have some questions hit up our FAQ’s blog.