2 steps for keeping the showroom shine

2 steps for keeping the showroom shine

There is nothing quite like the shine of a brand new car that’s just leaving the showroom…or is there? Nowadays with a broad range of products that contain groundbreaking technology anyone can maintain that showroom shine. In this blog article, we are going to dig into the details and exact steps as well as products you can use to do exactly this. 

Step 1: Get a Ceramic Coating 

This is the first step because as soon as you leave the car dealership you want to make sure that the original paintwork is protected in order to keep that showroom shine intact.

There are thousands of reasons why a car should be coated with a ceramic coating, the main ones being the incredible layer of protection they provide against bird droppings. Contamination and UV rays and another being the ultimate shine it provides and level of glossiness that is otherwise hard to obtain. Not only this but it also is the best choice economically for long-term exterior protection compared to other paint protection methods. 

By getting a ceramic coating the exterior becomes hydrophobic which keeps it water repugnant so that the water droplets do not leave any marks. In fact, when the water rolls off because of the hydrophobicity it will essentially take all dirt off with it leaving the exterior mark and dirt free. 

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Step 2: Maintenance 

Weekly maintenance 

First of all, the key to preventing damage to the ceramic coating is ensuring the exterior is clean. Although this step might seem a bit excessive in terms of maintenance, it is exactly what the coating needs. We recommend that you use a waterless wash spray to remove any potentially harmful contaminants on the exterior before they build up. 

Biweekly maintenance 

It’s extremely important to give the exterior a full hand wash, to maintain the shine. If you are unsure how to effectively wash the car without causing any damages or scratches check out this blog article. After this step you can add an extra level of protection by applying a Hybrid ceramic or Graphene Spray.

This should be done every two weeks to guarantee that any potentially coating damaging particles are removed. This is a simple process that when completed every 2 weeks the coating will continue to fulfil its job both protecting the exterior and adding an extra glossy shine.

6 month check-up 

Lastly, we strongly recommend that within 6 months of applying a ceramic coating to complete a clean of the exterior as some particles just don’t wash off with a quick, normal wash e.g. brake dust or tar. 

Although washing the exterior every few weeks does do the job, there are some particles that simply cannot be removed by a simple hand wash.  Every 6 months (to a year) we recommend that you get Ceramic Coating decontamination to remove all embedded particles that are impossible to remove with one hand wash. 

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