Why coat your interiors?

Often, one of the most overlooked aspects of car detailing is the internals of a car. Some of us can be so focused on turning heads, that the inside does not quite get that extra bit of love. But the inside of a car can be just as beautiful and sleek as the exterior, and deserves just as much love. It is also one of the most labour-intensive parts of any detailing job, given that the whole vehicle must be stripped and cleaned.

That is why we recommend coating the interior of your vehicle. From the plastics, to leather, fabric, and the glass. All of it is susceptible to damage at some point or another, so why risk leaving it to be damaged? Let’s walk through some of the common kinds of damage, and how a coating can prevent it.

First, the fabrics. This may surprise some people, but there are coatings made specifically for fabrics. These works by creating a hydrophobic layer on the surface that helps to keep off liquids, while also helping to protect against dirt and grime that may otherwise get ingrained into the surface. This can protect from drink spills, rain, dirty clothing, and a number of other common contaminants.

Second, the plastics. It is not uncommon to see the interior of a car with scuff marks, and abrasive damage. Whether it is from a passenger that is being too rough, or someone that is a bit clumsy, the damage is common. By coating the plastics, this will create a sacrificial layer to help prevent the damage in the first place.

Third, the leather. Leather sits in an interesting spot as a material, because it has some of the absorbency of fabrics, but the capacity to scuff of the plastics. This is where the hydrophobic and shielding layer come in handy, as a coating will keep the leather looking like new by minimising and preventing damage from both liquids and physical damage.

Arguably, the inside of a vehicle is just as important as the outside, which is why we recommend protecting it. From top to bottom, the inside of a vehicle can be coated and protected to keep it looking like new. As a part of this, we also recommend the same annual maintenance on the internal coatings to make sure that the vehicle is fully protected. A process which will keep the vehicle looking factory new for years to come.

Photo courtesy of Mike on Pexels