Onyx Coating Launches All New Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films

Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films
Onyx Coating Launches Its Cutting-Edge Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films: Revolutionizing Heat Rejection and UV Protection

In the world of window film installation, happy customers are your bread and butter. They’re the ones who sing your praises, recommend you to their friends, and keep your business thriving. So, how can you ensure their satisfaction goes above and beyond? By offering a product that delivers exceptional performance, is easy to work with, and provides lasting value – Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films by ONYX COATING.

Heat Rejection That Makes a Difference (and Saves Money)

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys climbing into a scorching car. Vunyx® films change that game. With the ability to reject up to a whopping 98% of infrared heat, they create a noticeably cooler car interior. This translates to happier customers who can ditch the blasting AC and enjoy a more comfortable ride. Plus, reduced reliance on air conditioning translates to improved fuel efficiency – a win for both wallets and the environment. Say goodbye to callbacks and frustrated clients – Vunyx® films deliver real results.

Crystal Clarity, Flawless Installation

Imagine a window film that delivers superior heat rejection without compromising visibility. That’s the magic of Vunyx®. Thanks to advanced, non-metallic particles, these films offer exceptional clarity without a murky or distorted view. Your customers get the best of both worlds: a cool car and a clear view of the road, crucial for safe driving. The 2-ply PET base film ensures a smooth and efficient installation process, allowing you to deliver a professional finish every time. No more struggling with films that fight you – Vunyx® goes on easy, leaving you with happy customers and a job well done.

Built to Last: A Durable Investment That Pays Off

Here’s the thing: your customers want a product that lasts. Vunyx® films are built with that in mind. The innovative sputtered ceramic technology creates a robust, scratch-resistant film that can handle daily wear and tear. No need to worry about fading or color change – Vunyx® maintains its superior performance and sleek aesthetic for years to come. This translates to peace of mind for your clients and reduces the need for repeat installations, freeing up your time and resources for new projects.

What Makes Vunyx® Ceramic Window Film Different?

Vunyx® Ceramic Window Film is an advanced solution designed to provide superior heat rejection performance through the combination of ceramic and sputtering technologies.


Structure and Composition:

  • Base Film: The foundation of this window film is composed of 2-ply PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film.
  • Sputter PET Base Film: One of the base layers incorporates sputtering technology.
  • Adhesive Layer: The adhesive layer between the two PET base films is enhanced with ceramic additives. This integration of ceramic materials within the adhesive layer further optimizes the film’s performance.

Vunyx® Ceramic Window Film Vs Regular Ceramic Window Film

FeatureVunyx® Ceramic Window FilmRegular Ceramic Window Film
Manufacturing ProcessAdvanced sputtering technologyConventional ceramic coating
Heat RejectionUp to 98% IR rejectionVery good IR rejection, slightly less
Clarity and VisibilitySuperior clarity, minimal distortionHigh clarity, more variance
DurabilityExtremely durable, Scratch-resistantHighly durable, but slightly less

Performance Specifications of Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films

Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)Up to 90%Reduces heat gain, lowering cooling costs and creating a more comfortable interior.
Visible Light Transmission (VLT)Up to 70%Offers a variety of options for balancing light control and privacy with clear visibility.
Ultraviolet Rejection (UV)99%Protects occupants and furnishings from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and furniture fading.
Infrared Rejection (IR)Up to 99%Blocks infrared heat, significantly reducing interior temperature for improved comfort.
Glare ReductionUp to 85%Minimizes eye strain and improves visibility for drivers and building occupants.
Shading Coefficient0.5 to 0.87Lowers the heat gain through windows, making spaces cooler and more comfortable.
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)0.43 to 0.85Indicates the amount of solar heat that passes through the window film, with lower numbers signifying greater heat rejection.
Vunyx® Ceramic Window Film is an advanced solution designed to provide superior heat rejection performance through the combination of ceramic and sputtering technologies.

Beyond Heat Rejection: A Package of Added Benefits.
Vunyx® films go beyond just keeping things cool. They offer a range of additional features that will impress even the most discerning customer:
  • Superior UV Protection: Up to 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked, safeguarding car interiors and occupants from sun damage. No more cracked dashboards or faded upholstery!
  • Signal-Friendly Design: Unlike metal-based films, Vunyx® doesn’t interfere with GPS or phone signals, ensuring seamless connectivity on the road.
  • Glare Reduction: Up to 85% of glare is blocked, minimizing eye strain and creating a more comfortable driving experience.
  • Lifetime Warranty and Installer Support: Not only do Vunyx® films come with a lifetime warranty, but ONYX COATING also provides dedicated support for installers. This means you have the confidence and resources to back up your work, building trust and loyalty with your clients.
Onyx Warranty Coverage.
Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films is warranted for lifetime  from the original purchase date, ensuring proper installation by an authorized dealer. The film maintains reactive and adhesive properties,along with appearance, without charge for warranted part replacement due to defects.
Become the Installer of Choice

By offering Vunyx® Ceramic Window Films, you’re not just installing a product – you’re providing a superior driving experience and lasting value for your customers. They’ll appreciate the cooler car, clearer view, and long-lasting performance. Plus, with the support of ONYX COATING, you’ll have the tools and resources to ensure a flawless installation every time. Make Vunyx® your go-to window film and watch your customer satisfaction soar.

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