9H Nano Coating Product with super hardness and silky touch for high gloss paint protection.

  • Real Nano Coating
  • 9H Hardness
  • 3 Years of life time

Nano Coating Benefits


The first multifunctional protective nanoceramic coating from Onyx. Delivers Superior Protection
from contaminants and pollutants. The product lasts long up to 3 Years. The coating is chemical & UV resistant as well as super hydrophobic. Further it provides a layer of thickness more than
500 nanometer.

9 H Benefits


9H has high gloss paint protection with anti-Scratch 9H Hardness. Showcases a deep High Gloss Reflective finish. Easy to apply on paint surface and can be used on paint, gel coat, metal and wheels. Has a water repellency of 110°providing shield which keeps your protected surface
looking great.


  • CONTENT: 50ml
  • APPLICABLE MATERIAL: Paint, Plastic, Aluminum, Chrome, Rubber, Leather
  • DURABILITY: 3 Years (May vary according to the environment)
  • HARDNESS: 9H Pencil Hardness
  • WATER REPELLENCY: 120S° at 20 μL, glass
  • OIL REPELLENCY: 80° at 20 μL, glass
  • ROLL OFF ANGLE: 9-12° at 20 μL, glass
  • COATING THICKNESS: 600-800 nm
  • INITIAL CURING TIME: IR Heat Treatment- 30 minutes Room Temperature: 1-2 hours
  • FINAL CURING TIME: 1 Day (For using maintenance coat or wash)
  • BUILD-UP TIME: 1 Day (cures with H2O in the atmosphere)

Gloss Level100%


Water Repellency100%

Chemical Resistance50%

Scratch Resistance100%

Pollutant Resistance100%


Protect Your Car
with World's #1 N1
Coating Product

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