Polishing Blue Pad – Rotary


The premium quality foam polishing pad for professionally removing light scratches, swirl marks, and other light paint defects.

Designed by experts, this polishing pad is one of the most efficient tools to remove light swirl marks, light scratches and other light paint defects. Easily buff away light to moderate defects as well as aiding paint finishing, apply waxes or polishes, and or simply remove dirt and grime with this polishing pad. Scientifically designed for medium and light detailing products such as light cutting, polishing and finishing, this incredibly high quality product, made from German foam, offers the best detailing experience for you.

Professionally remove light swirl marks, scratches and even light oxidation with the Onyx Coating Blue Foam Pad. This product is not only eco-friendly, its reusable, washable and additionally: removes light swirl marks, scratches and light oxidation.

  • Available in 2 sizes 6″ (150mm x 25mm) and 5″ (125mm x 25mm)
  • Suitcase for applying light and medium compounds and finishing polishes
  • Created with German foam and American Velcro
  • Especially Designed for Rotary Machines
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Why choose onyx coating gloss enhancer?

It is designed to increase the glossy of vehicle paint, slickness and water repellency. It is easy to use spray on and wipe-off using a quality, clean and dry microfiber.


Ceramic Spray Waterless Wash Gloss Enhancer
Chemical Resistance
Do it Your Self

Gloss Enhancer Benefits

ONYX COATING gloss enhancer is a quick and easy spray-on and wipe-off product that can restore paint color and leaves wet waxed look. Our gloss enhancer is also recommended for use as a spray detailing product to refresh and protect the vehicle paint.

ONYX COATING gloss enhancer creates unbelievable high-gloss finish and refreshing the painted finish of vehicles. It restores and maintains the original sparkle and shine that makes a car glisten in the sunlight. The deeper and richer glow provided by gloss enhancer adds to a vehicle’s curb appeal. Our gloss enhancer is also clear coat safe. Easy to use our gloss enhancer is easy to apply. Simply spray it on and wipe it off to enrich automotive paints. That’s all you need to do, without any vigorous rubbing or labor-intensive polishing.

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