The top questions asked about waxes and brand new cars

waxes and brand new cars

As of today, there are 57 questions being asked about waxes and brand-new cars! Every new car owner wants to purchase one or two products of protection for their new vehicle, to keep it looking brand new and protected against uncontrollable things such as the environment. The same question is one we all ask as new car owners, does a new car need to be waxed? Is it necessary? What is the best product for exterior protection?

This blog article will reveal to your exactly what you need to know about waxing a new car, and if that product is sufficient to provide the protection a new car owner seeks.

Waxing a new car: What do you need to know?

A new vehicle is 100% an emotional and financial investment, any owner will want only the best for their car and wants to invest time and energy to make sure the vehicle lasts in the long run.

Here is the list of current questions many ask when it comes to waxing a new car:

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As you can see there are A LOT of doubts around this topic. In fact, there are over 57 most-asked questions today about waxing the new car.


So… Should you wax a new car? 

The answer is YES. The dealer does not wax the vehicles nor does the manufacturer, therefore, the vehicle has no real protection against permanent damage when it’s purchased. To put it in words that resonate: a baby requires sun protection for its first time in the sun, so why wouldn’t a car require this type of protection?


Why waxing a car is necessary

The better question is- what does car wax do for the vehicle? 

Car wax and paint sealant do the following:

  1. Provide protection
  2. Visual enhance the exterior

Car wax, which is created with Brazilian carnauba wax or beeswax, provides time-limited protection against the environment, all while enhancing the shine, depth, and gloss of your car paint.


Can you wax a new car?

YES! Some of this confusion lies in whether or not you can wax a freshly painted car, which is different from a brand new car that has no wax and the paint has had time to cure. 


Can you wax after a new paint job?

Now- this is where things get interesting because the answer is yes… and no!

It doesn’t matter about the exact chemical formulation of the paint, the chemistry will affect that paint once it has been applied to a car.

There is a process called “cross-linking”, which in other terms means curing time and the time it takes for paint to “dry”. 

The many chemical molecules of that paint composition will bind to one another at the molecular level. But when left to their own devices, the chemical molecules take a certain length of time to fully connect or “cross-link” to one another. Most cars are “cured” or baked in ovens at the factory after being painted (body panels and other components are painted separately before the car is built). As a result, waxing a new automobile is not a problem, and it is also advised to apply wax to a new car as soon as possible.

But a new paint job on an old car is different. If you get a new paint job it will not be (as a rule) put into an oven. The new paint job will need time to cure naturally. The majority of paint manufacturers require 30 days of cure time if they are going to honor any warranty that they make to the many body shops that use their paint to repaint cars.

And once again, not every body shop will even tell you this as they may be using inferior paint from companies that don’t warrant their paint product anyways.


When should a new car be waxed?

The answer is immediately! Not only does it provide a fresher look, but it also provides the minimal layer of protection one should have to protect the vehicles from damage caused by the weather, chemicals, bird droppings etc.


How often does it need to be waxed?

Most manufacturers state that wax lasts for 1-4months then it needs to be reapplied. We recommend that if possible, to do it every month. Wax is only a thin layer and its chemical compounds break down faster than a ceramic coating- therefore it is more upkeep. 


Is car wax the best level of exterior protection?

The answer is no. While the wax is a great option for exterior protection- it is a short-term option therefore not the best. 


So what is the best level of exterior protection?

Ceramic coatings last a minimum of 4 years and can even last longer when properly maintained and well-kept. 


What are ceramic coatings? 

Ceramic coatings are liquid nano polymers that, when applied to the surface of a car, form a super strong and protective barrier against pollutants, scratches, and other threats to your car’s appearance. Although other coating brands claim there is no harder coating than 9H, we use the latest technology to bring you the highest level of quality protection for your customer’s vehicles, with first-of-its-kind 10H hardness.


The differences between wax and ceramic coating

There are several major differences between waxes and coatings. For one wax simply sits on top of a surface. Ceramic coatings create a solid bond with the surface to which they’re applied. These coatings also are much more durable than waxes and are able to resist UV rays, environmental contaminants, and chemicals.

Ceramic coatings like the Onyx Pure Coating also may contain water-repelling qualities, provide protection against bird droppings, and aid in keeping your car looking cleaner for longer. The protection guarantee on most ceramic coatings is much, much longer than that of ordinary waxes. Waxes tend to last a few weeks, but ceramic coatings usually protect your car for several months, with some lasting years.

For more about ceramic coatings and the benefits they provide, read this blog article .



There are hundreds of doubts that come to mind when deciding whether to coat a brand-new vehicle with a ceramic coating. In conclusion, we recommend that you use a wax or a ceramic coating as soon as the vehicle leaves the showroom to prevent permanent damage to the exterior and keep the vehicle looking brand new every day!