3 Exclusive Products Your Client can take Home for Daily Maintenance

3 products your client can take home for daily maintenance

What are the 3 products your client can take home for daily maintenance? At-home car care couldn’t be easier these days with thousands of products available making maintenance just that much easier. These products provide the exact car care regime that your clients are looking for. So what are they exactly? 

At ONYX COATING we take pride in supplying top-of-the-line, high-quality, long-during supplies that every car enthusiast needs and deserves, which is exactly why we have come out with a product line specifically for those quick touch-up and maintenance moments. 

The three products we provide combine cleaning essentials with protection essentials, including our waterless wash, hybrid ceramic spray, and graphene spray. 

Check out this quick comparison of two of these products and what they can do.


Waterless wash

ONYX COATING Waterless Wash is an easy-to-use, advanced formula with a guaranteed no-scratch product that can be used to clean glass, chrome, paint, and more. It conveniently washes and adds wax protection in one easy step, making maintenance almost too easy! 


It can be used anywhere without a hose and with no bucket or rinsing required. The water spot-free formula protects the surface against swirling and scratching. It gently cleans advanced polymer chemistry. It is effective on all paints, gel coats, and clear coat finishes, as well as glass, chrome, polished metals, and plastic trim. Ideal for those who do not have access to a hose washes 3-4 cars without water in just minutes.


This is the product to supply to your clients who are looking for a quick go-to daily maintenance product, especially if they are worried about bird droppings and searching for an on-the-go product to help remove them. 


Here’s our guide on exactly how it should be applied


Hybrid Ceramic Spray 

This is one of our top recommendations for protection which lasts up to 12 months that can be applied at home. It is designed to increase paint protection and improve paint gloss, slickness, and water repellency thanks to high-quality nano-ceramic technology. Easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off using a quality, clean and dry microfiber, this is exactly why we suggest that you recommend this product to your clients. 


Thanks to nano-ceramic technology and the power of ONYX COATING polymer technology helps increase water, bug, and grime repellency. Our hybrid ceramic spray leaves behind a mirror gloss finish and streak-free finish. This is one of the best and most durable ceramic sprays on the market that enhances the exterior by adding a glossy layer as well as adding in an extra layer of protection. 

Here’s our guide on exactly how it should be applied


Graphene Spray

This Graphene and Sio2-infused product provides the perfect shield against contaminants and can be applied with a simple 2-step process. Solely spray and then wipe the exterior to accomplish an amazing glossy and sleek shine that provides the durable, chemical-resistant exterior you have been searching for.


When applied to a surface this water-based, Graphene Spray establishes a dual layer. The top layer produces the glossy and sleek look that maximizes scratch resistance whilst the bottom layer focuses on providing water repellency as well as chemical resistance to maximize durability. This is the only product in the market that has the ability to resist a pure multipurpose cleaner as a result of its durability.

Here’s our guide on exactly how it should be applied


As a professional detailer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you give your clients the right advice and the right products for their exact needs. We hope that these three products will deliver beyond their expectations and leave you with some happy customers!