How to Wash Your Car

 In this article, we are going to discuss all the methods to effectively wash your car and how to keep the exterior well maintained as well as recommend some car care products that can assist you in this maintenance. When it comes to car maintenance it´s not only important to schedule oil changes and routine maintenance checks but it´s also extremely important to maintain the interior and exterior clean and clear of any contaminants.

How to effectively wash your car

car wash

To begin the process make sure the car is parked in the shade then rinse off the car from top to bottom to remove any contaminants or foreign material that can damage the surface. The most effective method to get your car clean is carefully washing it by hand with a microfiber wash mitt and soap designed for cars. Car washes can cause damage to a car’s exterior therefore the most efficient way to prevent this damage from occurring is washing it by hand yourself. For optimal results wash the car weekly. 


ONYX COATING TIP: Always start from the top and work down. Some believe that the best way to wash their car is, to begin with, the toughest and dirtiest areas, however, as professionals the ONYX COATING team recommends that it’s essential to start at the top and work towards the bottom using gravity to help wash the car as well. This ensures that the contaminants are not reintroduced into surfaces that are already clean.  

ONYX COATING TIP: Avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaking and water spotting


In relation to the car care products you can use, we wanted to make it clear that dish soap can have a negative effect on the paint and can affect both wax coatings and Nano-Ceramic Coatings. When cleaning the exterior make sure to use a microfiber wash mitt to clean the exterior efficiently. If you are looking for a waterless wash, ONYX COATING will be releasing a new product at the end of November that removes any contaminants, dirt, and mud from the exterior without using water. Stay tuned for this product release!


ONYX COATING TIP: Some contaminants cannot be removed via soap. If there are contaminants on your car´s exterior that you couldn’t remove through handwashing make sure you take your car to a professional to help remove them as they will have the appropriate products to help remove these without damaging the exterior. 


Continuing in the car wash process we encourage that you start with the roof then move onto glass then the trunk lid and lastly the wheels. First, rinse off these surfaces them begin washing the exterior with soap and water. We encourage that you use soap designed for car exterior maintenance and the bucket method. You can use multi buckets, one with the soapy solution and the other with water applying them in this order. It is important to wash the outside as much as the wheels. Once the car exterior paneling is cleaned move onto cleaning the windows.


ONYX COATING TIP: Use a separate bucket and mitt for the wheels to prevent cross-contamination 

washing car wheel

When drying the exterior make sure to use a towel to dry to make sure no water marks are left. Always dry completely and never leave the car to air dry. As tap water contains minerals it can leave spots, these can be removed with a mixture of 50% water 50% vinegar, or water sport removed. 

To maintain a clean, protected exterior we recommend that you get an Onyx Nano-Coating. This not only protects your car against contaminants but it also gives an extremely glossy appearance that makes your car look new every day. 


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