3 additional products for the ultimate vehicle protection

additional products for the ultimate vehicle protection

The three additional products for the ultimate vehicle protection are now available at ONYX COATING. Over the past year, our expert team has researched and scientifically fabricated a variety of additional protective products specifically designed for brake calipers, a plastic trims coating, as well as a tire and rubber coating. 

Each product is essential for car detailers and for clients as they provide the necessary protection that previously wasn’t achievable. 

Calipers Ceramic Coating

The first additional product is our Calipers Ceramic Coating. This is what all car brake calipers need to make them easy to clean and protect crucial components from water, rust, dirt, and chemical wear.

Furthermore, they add a beautiful highlight to the wheels, making the vehicle all the more aesthetically pleasing. 

With a heat tolerance of up to 800°C (1450°F), the coating will keep no matter the stress put on the breaks. Along with our self-leveling technology, this coating is designed to keep the calipers looking beautiful and easy to maintain.

Some highlighted benefits:

How to apply it:

  1. Ensure calipers are cool, clean, and dust free.
  2. Apply the ceramic coating to the application material.
  3. Apply the ceramic coating to the calipers.
  4. Leave the coating to cure, do not wipe the surface.
  5. Do not touch the calipers again for 1-2 hours during curing.

Plastic Trims Coating

The second, new addition to our wide product range, is our Plastic Trim Ceramic Coating which assists with getting all trims the factory new black look while adding some protection. 

Not only does it restore a faded trim, but with our no-paint solution, it also provides a natural finish that will leave the trim looking like new.

But as a ceramic coating, it not only restores plastic trim but protects it. Whether it’s from fading, wear, or any other number of hazards, the finish will keep the underlying plastic safe. Keeping the car looking new for a long time to come.

Some highlighted benefits:

How to apply it: 


Tire & Rubber Coating

The last new addition to our product range, is our Tire and Rubber Coating which makes rubber surfaces look like new while protecting them from daily wear.

Get optimal protection and renew the surfaces of your car with our Rubber Care Solution. With our no-paint formula, surfaces are rejuvenated and left with a stunning finish. While also giving them a new protective and hydrophobic coating to keep them looking perfect.

Perfect for any rubber surface. Leverage the advantage of a ceramic coating on more than just the body, and give your car the luxury treatment. Make it look stunning and show-ready all over while giving it the protection it deserves.

Some highlighted benefits:

How to apply it: 

With ONYX COATING the product selection is almost unlimited. We strive to provide the exact products that every detailer needs and that demonstrate the perfect results, every time. For more of our products click here.