Easy 2 Clean from South Korea joins ONYX COATING family!

ONYX COATING’s Ceramic Coatings Now Accessible in Korea Through Concept EASY 2 CLEAN!

ONYX COATING continues to expand in the automotive industry and become a leading brand among vehicle enthusiasts.

From now on, the Korean market will also get a wide range of the highest quality car coatings, all thanks to a new partner – EASY 2 CLEAN.

Our customers will be privileged to use the excellent services that ONYX COATINGs offers in car protection and care. Satisfied customers always come first, and Easy 2 Clean will happily offer new products that will shine their cars.

It’s our pleasure to present our new distributor in Korea!

All potential customers have a detailed insight into the wide range, so they can decide which product suits them. They can choose the right one for their car with a proper presentation of the product’s features and benefits. Consequently, they can place new orders efficiently and complete their shopping satisfactorily.

What orders can they make? What products have taken the car market by storm and caused astonishment?

These ceramic coatings protect your car’s surface from damage that can happen daily due to adverse weather conditions or objects and animals, such as birds, that can scratch and remove the paint from your car. The secret is that advanced nanotechnology creates a protective layer resistant to scratches, UV rays, and other external factors. In addition, they create a hydrophobic effect, which makes the vehicle more durable and shiny.

Due to the quality of our products, more and more interested parties would like to try them and, of course, provide long-term protection for their vehicle. Therefore, our new partner recognized their quality and expressed great interest in successful cooperation.


The satisfaction is mutual because it provides additional motivation to expand and satisfy as many clients as possible and share experiences and expertise in this growing field.

We believe that customers will recognize our enthusiasm and that we will justify all the effort we invest in our products.

We wish Easy 2 Clean a warm welcome to join the ONIX COATING family.

We want to strive together toward the highest goals to meet the needs of our future users.

We hereby invite all car enthusiasts who take care of their cars and would like to take car protection to an even higher level.


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