How Do You Maintain The Ceramic Coating On Your Car?

Want to maintain the ceramic coating on your car and make it last for years?

There are specific procedures that you must follow in order to ensure that your car receives adequate care.

The ceramic coating offers many advantages, UV protection and lasting shine being just a few of the main ones, so it is important to know how to maintain ceramic coating properly to resist these external factors for years.

But the main question is how to keep your ceramic coating looking new for a long time.

What Is So Special About Ceramic Coatings?

The microscopic particles of the premium ceramic coating penetrate deeply into the vehicle’s transparent paint layer. By infiltrating the small pores, these particles form a solid bond with the paint particles, creating a smooth layer on the paint surface. This physical bonding process ensures the establishment of a smooth and protective coating.

Additionally, ceramic coatings exhibit hydrophobic properties that actively repel water, ice, slush, or any other debris and road salt, preventing them from adhering to your vehicle.

Although ceramic coatings have quality properties that provide excellent protection for your car, this doesn’t mean they will do all the work for you. Proper care is the most important thing in the process that will extend the life of the ceramic coating, and your car will be shiny and flawless for a long time!


After applying the coating, you need to adhere to the following rules:

Only after a week has passed and the coating hardened you can follow the next directions.

Washing Every Week: The first thing you should do is wash your car. You must do this carefully so as not to scratch the surface since it is still sensitive after soaking.

Also, we don’t recommend that you practice automatic washing because the brushes, in this case, contain extremely abrasive bristles. Although an automatic car wash is tempting, harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes can harm your ceramic coating.

However, if you really decide to wash with detergent, then a pH-neutral car shampoo is the best solution.

Washing With Two Buckets: With the help of two buckets, this simple cleaning method was the best. Fill one with soap solution and the other with clean water. Dip the brush or cloth in the soap and rub gently, then repeat this procedure several times.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals, especially acidic or abrasive cleaners, can damage the ceramic coating, which can remove the protective layer. Instead, opt for cleaning products specifically designed for ceramic-coated vehicles.

Let’s say pH shampoos are specially designed for vehicles with ceramic coating. It is the best solution not to damage the precious coating layer.

Avoid Sunlight: Sun drying may seem like a good option, but you’d be wrong. Although you want to dry the car immediately, sunlight or high temperatures will cause the soap to dry, creating water spots and leaving marks.

Towel Drying: Towel drying may look good, but the key is to be extra gentle for a car with a ceramic coating. So invest in high-quality, soft microfiber towels and use a blotting or dabbing technique to avoid streaks.

High-Quality Microfiber Cloth: You must use a high-quality microfiber cloth. In fact, microfiber cloth pieces do not stain. You can also use microfiber gloves; just remember always to have a pair of rags or gloves for a more thorough cleaning.

Top-Up Applications: Consider periodically applying a ceramic coating or compatible spray sealer. These products can help to rejuvenate and enhance the existing coating, providing long-lasting protection.

Professional Maintenance: Schedule professional maintenance, such as paint decontamination or deep detailing, to address any stubborn contaminants that regular washing may miss. Professional care can revitalize the ceramic coating and keep your car looking its best.

What If You Neglect Maintenance?

If you do not maintain your car often, its ceramic coating will lose its previous properties. Like everything else in life, in order for something to look good and last, you have to nurture it. It’s the same with a car.

Otherwise, problems can arise, and here are some problems that arise when you do not take enough care of the appearance and quality of your car.

The shine is lost, and the color fades. The properties of your coating will begin to decrease, and dirt will only accumulate further.

Your car will be exposed to nuisances such as bird droppings, hazards such as UV rays from sunlight, chemicals, dirt, and other environmental pollutants.

In the world of car care, ceramic coating is a game changer, but only if you use it correctly.

In this text, we have drawn your attention to what you should and should not use when applying and after applying a ceramic coating.

Its protective properties not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also contribute to its long-term durability. Following these maintenance practices ensures that your car’s ceramic coating lasts a very long time, providing lasting protection and a brilliant shine.

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