Microfiber Cutting Pad


Say goodbye to medium and heavy car scratches with the Microfiber Cutting Pad – your ultimate solution!

Made from high-quality, natural merino wool and featuring an open cell interface foam, this cutting pad delivers exceptional results every time.

What makes this Cutting Pad different is that it is made from washed natural merino wool, which means that it keeps the temperature low during use, ensuring a great outcome. This makes it ideal for both professional car detailers and DIY car owners alike.

This cutting pad is designed to make the task of removing medium to heavy scratches a breeze, with less swirls left behind. The fine grade of the natural merino wool ensures a consistent and smooth cut, leaving any car’s surface looking like new. Simply wash and reuse and enjoy a flawless finish every time.

  • Removes medium to heavy car scratches with ease
  • Made from high-quality, washed natural merino wool for a consistent, smooth cut
  • Keeps temperature low during use for a better outcome
  • Suitable for both professional car detailers and DIY car owners
  • Delivers exceptional results every time
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