Onyx Coating Now Accessible in France Through Concept Auto Lyon’s!

ONYX COATING can genuinely boast of a new partner in the world of car world enthusiasts – CONCEPT AUTO LYON in France. Among all the people who care about their vehicles, we believe there will be more need for great protection of their cars from now on.

So, we are thrilled to announce that our cutting-edge ceramic coating products will be of great interest throughout France.

Concept Auto Lyon puts all their car enthusiasts and professionals at first place when it comes to excellent service and car protection. With the wide range of ONYX COATING products, customers will be happy to try brand-new products that will make their cars shine.

We are happy to present to you our new distributor in France!

The great thing about this new project is that everyone can find the needed product in a few clicks, thanks to its user-friendly interface. All potential customers are on a quick journey to make the best decision about their car with the appropriate presentation of product features and benefits. Accordingly, they can efficiently place their new orders, and that’s what matters.

So, what orders can they make? What are the ONYX COATING products they look for, and why are they so interesting?

Our ceramic coatings feature advanced nanotechnology that bonds to the vehicle’s surface, creating a protective layer resistant to scratches, UV rays, and other external factors. In addition, they create a hydrophobic effect, which makes the vehicle more durable and shiny.

Our new partner recognized their quality and expressed a big interest in successful cooperation. It’s a big pleasure for us, too, and we are happy to share common expertise in one of the most evolving niches. We believe that we will attract more and more customers who will also recognize the effort we put into launching our products to the new market.

Finally, we congratulate Concept Auto Lyon for joining ONYX COATING Family. We are ready to fulfill all their needs and provide solutions to bring their customers what they ever wanted. We also want to invite all enthusiasts to explore new opportunities and check ONYX COATING latest range to enhance the quality and appearance of their cars and take car care to a higher level.

Visit the Concept Auto Lyon website: https://shop.onyxcoating.fr/

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