All the reasons why cars need a glass coating

Ceramic coatings supply the exact exterior protection every car deserves, but what about the glass windows and windscreens? 

Once applied, a glass coating forms an incredible bond that provides a high endurance as well as long durability. Not only this but it provides incomparable water repellency that in turn prevents water spots which is a recurring problem many encounters.  

As well as prohibiting any contaminants from causing damage, our Glass Coating AF Plus increases surface harness that helps shield against permanent damage. In addition to these benefits, it increases vision as it reduces reflection. 

The list of benefits that a glass coating supplies are as follows: 

With the coating applied, water repels right off the surface meaning that no watermarks will be left behind. As the coating leads to the water beading all the dirt that might be on the surface rolls off with the water making maintenance incredibly easy. The coating prevents water spots and other contaminants from damaging the glass surface.

The glass coating reduces light reflections which in turn improves vision through both the windscreen and the windows. The strong bond that the coating forms with the surfaces increase the durability of the coating meaning that your car windows and windscreen are protected for up to 1 year.

If you notice that there are some areas that need to be retouched, you can always refill the empty spots over and over without having to remove the whole coating 

How to apply this coating:


So there you have it! We highly recommend that during your yearly maintenance you add an extra layer of protection onto the glass surfaces of your car.