What is it exactly?

Ceramic coating is a product that has been used for many years to guarantee protection for your car´s exterior. Nano coating does the same job but better! Unlike a ceramic coating, Nano coating contains nanoparticles in the product that binds easily and effectively to the surface creating the perfect layer of protection against paint and exterior damage.


How does it work? 🤔

When the coating is applied to the surface of a car the nanoparticles form a layer and work together to create an inseparable bond with your paintwork. This means it isn´t easily removed. After the surface of the car has been prepared and is non-absorbent, the nanoparticles combine with the surface and from then onwards liquids are repelled taking any surface contaminants with them. This nanocoating forms an invisible layer that acts as a barrier similar to glass.


What does Nano Coating do for your car?

It lengthens the life of a car by providing protection against chemicals, pollution, weather conditions and is even UV resistant. It is used to maintain the car´s exterior and provides a glossy surface that looks like brand new. Our Nano coating produces a layer that acts as a shield against scratches. 

This Nano-ceramic coating provides a hydrophobic and oleophobic effect providing resistance to water and oil. Therefore protecting the car's paint surface like no other product. When the exterior gets wet due to the rain, the water tends to cling to anything else on the surface, such as dust or mud. With the use of Onyx ceramic coating products, the exterior is hydrophobic this water slides off taking the dust and mud with it. 


Benefits of Nano coating:

  • High gloss & superior appearance
  • Water-repelling qualities
  • Protection against bird droppings
  • UV & chemical resistance
  • Guaranteed protection that lasts a lifetime
  • Maintain car cleanliness


The quality of the product provides a glossy and clean exterior that remains clean and needs less maintenance. As for the water-repelling qualities, they assist with removing dirt and mud which can end up damaging the exterior. This product creates a barrier between the paint/car exterior against anything else.  It provides protection against bird droppings as well as UV rays and chemicals. 


Onyx Nano-ceramic coating provides superior and professional protection products for your needs as a professional. 


FIND OUT MORE BENEFITS AND INFORMATION  https://onyxcoating.com/benefits/