Why get a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating will protect your car during day-to-day usage. From scratches and nicks, to dust and dirt, water and mud, even from UV damage. It will keep your car looking brand new with a glossy finish and brilliant shine for years to come with minimal care. Unlike a wax that needs to be reapplied every few months, a ceramic coating can last up to ten years without reapplication. A car coated in ONYX Coating will last for years to come.

What exactly is a Ceramic Nano Coating?

A ceramic nano coating utilises a process of graphene infusion to create layers of graphene polymer throughout the coating. This utilisation of nano polymers creates a tough surface that is hard to break, and extra resistant to damage of all kinds. Our advanced process is unique to ONYX coating products, and is guaranteed to protect your car.

What does 10H stand for?

When you see a protective product marked with H, this is referring to Hardness. Hardness is measured in various ways, but the scale used by coating products is the Graphite Scale of Hardness. This scale of testing gets pieces of graphite of various hardness from the softest at 1H to the hardest at 10H, and drags them along a surface to see what leaves a mark. A coating is graded based on which piece was able to leave a mark, if any at all. ONYX Coating products have achieved the 10H rating, as tested independently by SGS.

What are the benefits of hardness?

The hardness of a ceramic coating acts as a second skin over your car. It keeps the underlying paint layer clean and prevents scratches and scuffs in the paint and metal layers. This makes the car far easier to maintain, gives a glossy finish and brilliant shine, and makes the car look like new every day. All things that are guaranteed with ONYX Coating.

What does N1 stand for?

When you see a protective product marked with N, this indicates how smooth the product is. The scale goes from N1 to N12, with 1 being the smoothest and 12 the roughest. This is tested by using specialised equipment, and graded on the ISO standard. ONYX Coating guarantees N1 smoothness.

What are the benefits of smoothness?

The smoothness of your car’s surface is actually incredibly important to its maintenance. The smoother the surface of the car is, the less particulate matter is able to adhere to the surface. This is because the smooth surface has minimal points where dirt and other particulates can attach themselves. This also means that there is a lower drag coefficient, meaning less friction on the surface. Meaning that the coating will last longer. With ONYX Coating, your car’s surface will be silky smooth for years to come.

What does it mean to be "hydrophobic"?

When a material is "Hydrophobic", that means that water has trouble adhering to its surface or being absorbed by it. The way that our ceramic coating accomplishes this is by creating a surface so smooth and unabsorbent that liquid has trouble adhering to the surface. The result is that water and other liquids will bead up, and roll off the car with gravity. This also has the added benefit of making it harder for harmful liquid chemicals to attach themselves. This provides an extra layer of protection that is guaranteed by ONYX Coating.

Will I still need to wax my car?

With ONYX Coating waxing becomes unnecessary. Because the car is covered in a ceramic coat, that acts as the equivalent to an extremely long-lasting wax coating. To get that factory new shine, all that needs to be done is a regular clean with soap and water. A wax will not damage the ceramic coating, but will be unnecessary to get the best a coated car’s already glossy and brilliantly shining coat.

Why coat the inside of my car?

It is not just a car’s exterior that faces wear. The interior of a car faces abrasions, UV damage, friction, compression, even the natural acids and oils that we produce, along with many other forms of damage. By adding a layer of internal coating to a car, you can keep leather, plastics, and fabric looking factory new years down the line. This is why ONYX Coating also offers a range of internal care products, to make your car look just as beautiful on the inside as it does the outside.

How often should I coat the inside of my car?

The coating for the inside of a car needs to be reapplied approximately once a year. This is because the interior of a car faces significantly more contact on a daily basis then the exterior. As such, it is worn down and rubbed off more frequently. But a simple reapplication once a year is easily enough to keep the interior looking brand new for years to come. With your average detailing ONYX Coating will keep the inside of your car looking factory new every time, no matter the daily wear its put through.

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