The protective product line for boats

protective product line for boats

In this blog article, we are going to outline everything you need to know about our protective product line for boats. At sea, there are uncountable circumstances that can cause permanent scratches and damage to any and all vesicles. One solution to preventing said damage is to apply Ceramic Coating to the versicles exterior. In addition to exterior protection, we will also dig into the exact products that you or your client can use and apply to their boat’s interior. 

So let’s dig in and examine how exactly our Marine protective product line can save you and or your client thousands.

First of all, there are countless benefits of applying a ceramic coating to a vehicle’s exterior. Starting off with the ceramic coating’s ability to chemically bonding to the paintwork. 

Benefits of protecting boats with a Ceramic Coating

Chemically bond to the boat’s paintwork 

Ceramic coatings are a chemical polymer solution that when applied to an exterior prevent external paint damage. They chemically bond to the exterior, therefore, preventing the original paintwork from being scratched or damaged by contaminants all while creating an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Due to their chemically intrinsic properties, these coatings don’t break down in the rain or during summer. So be reassured that these coatings last under tough conditions and climates. 


Protect from UV rays

When out at sea a boat’s exterior is constantly exposed to UV rays which can cause the paintwork to turn dull. These UV rays can cause irreversible damage to a vesicle’s original paintwork, the layer of a ceramic coating although invisible to the eye, protects the paintwork from fading, oxidizing, and wearing.


Protection against chemical damage & bird droppings

Not only can bird droppings cause damage to the exterior area they may contain small rocks while being removed, but the acidity of the droppings themselves can also damage the paintwork of a vesicle.  Ceramic Coatings prevent the acid from the droppings from causing said damage and as if helps prevent scratches it also in turn stops the droppings from causing even more destruction.


Maintenance made easy

Ceramic Coating’s hydrophobic properties make maintenance super easy as the water droplets or rain cling to any dirt or grime and wash them away without leaving any watermarks. As the vesicle is almost always at sea, this is a benefit that convinces just about everyone to apply a ceramic coating to theirs or their client’s boat. 

The top 5 benefits of applying Ceramic Coating to a boat include:

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Protecting the boat’s interior 

Not only should one protect the exterior but also the interior. There are various types of surfaces in a boat and we have coatings to protect all of them. From fabric or leather seating to the hull and deck and the metal and wood surfaces, our coatings ensure that your or your client’s vesicles is protected top to bottom.


Hull & Deck Marine Coating

The thick Nano-coating for boat hulls and decks favors long-term, quality protection against corrosion, oxidation, UV damage, chemicals, and scratches.

The environment out at sea can cause permanent damage that can easily be prevented by applying a hull and deck coating. Often damage is caused by the high corrosiveness of salt, UV rays, acids, alkalies, exhaust, and algae or shell contaminants that leave structural damage as well as ruin the overall appearance.

This Marine coating provides outstanding chemical resistance as well as corrosion prevention all whilst providing an incredibly glossy, shine. With proper maintenance, this coating lasts up to 2 years.

About our Metal & Wood Coating

The ultimate protection against any contaminants and damage for both metal and wooden surfaces. Apply it to any metal or wooden surfaces inside boats to prevent damage caused by oil, general spills, chemicals, and even UV rays.

Infused and created with the latest Nanotechnology, this coating forms a tight and secure bond with the surface it is applied to lasting up to 2 years. This is the perfect product to keep any metal or wooden surface in tip-top condition with an incredible shine like no other all while providing outstanding chemical resistance as well as a hydrophobic layer.

Its superior quality and inclusion of the latest technology in its formula ensure that the coating bonds to various surfaces, therefore, establishing a barrier against contaminants. Not only does this extra layer foster protection against chemicals but also creates a barrier that makes the surface water repellent and scratch-resistant.

The interior can also be protected from fabric to leather our interior coating. With the salty air and water as well as the UV rays, a vesicle’s seating can be destroyed. This is exactly why this can be prevented with one product: an interior coating. 


About our interior coating: 

It is the first Alcohol Base Nano coating for protecting leather and fabric that provides protection from stains and dirt. Not only this but it also creates a super Hydrophobic barrier and liquid repellency of 150° providing a shield that keeps your protected surface looking great. This product lasts up to 1 year.

So there you have it, protect yours or your client’s vesicle today from inside to out with our top-of-the-line marine protective products.