10 Reasons to Coat Your Car in 2022

1. Preserving a legacy
Any classic car owner will tell you that caring for a piece of motoring’s ancestry is not a simple task. It can be a labour of love and care that will take time and patience. A coating can help to keep a beautiful piece looking perfect both on the road and off. Whether with the original paint and parts, or having been lovingly rebuilt. It will retain its beauty for years to come.

2. Protecting an investment
Whether you intend to re-sell a car at some point, trying to protect a fleet, or just trying to retain value, a coating is the way to go. By keeping the surface near spotless, a coating can help to maintain value and avoid damage that could possible lower it.

3. Turning heads
This is for the show stoppers, the head turners, the car that you want people to rubber neck just to see. There is no better way to keep the vehicle in spotless condition then with a coating. Ensuring that the surface is shining and ready to be seen.

4. Easing Maintenance
It’s not just classic cars that need maintenance. When trying to protect the surface of a vehicle, it can incur a significant amount of labour. From polishing, to waxing, clay baring, and any other number of techniques. A coating lets you simplify all of that into a simple annual check.

5. Keeping up appearances
For owners of fleets and driver-owners, keeping up appearances can be the make of break of your business. Whether you are renting cars, trying to maintain professionalism, or just want to be the ride-share driver with the flashy car; a coating can help you maintain that.

6. Minimizing haze
We’re likely all familiar with the classic haze in a windshield. Maybe driving at night, and the artificial lights begin to blur your view as the micro-scratches distort the light. This is something that we have talked about before here, and is something that can be minimized with the use of a good coating.

7. Simple cleaning
When cleaning a car, it can be a pain to remove limescale and other caked on materials. This is a woe of the motoring world that I doubt will be unfamiliar to readers in more tropical regions of the world. With a coating, the beading of water means that it will not dry on the vehicle. Avoiding these deposits entirely, and making the cleaning routine simple.

8. Simple to maintain interiors
One of the most intensive parts of any detailing job is the internals of a car. Whether it is trying to bring new life to a fabric, getting the deeply encrusted dirt out of the fabrics, or just trying to make the steering wheel look like new. With an internal coating, this problem is simplified by adding a layer of much needed protection to the inside of a car.

9. Minimizing damage
One of the best features of a ceramic coating is how it can help to minimize the possibility of larger damage occurring. For example, a proper coating can help to prevent corrosion on the body or components of a vehicle. It can also prevent chip damage from building up, which can help to minimize the need for repainting down the line.

10. Keeping your car perfect (for yourself)
This one is for the motoring enthusiasts who are determined to keep their vehicle pristine. Those amongst us who stand as neat freaks, who may be a bit stingy about what we do inside of a car. What we have talked about before is about maintaining outward appearances. But sometimes, you just want the car to be perfect for you. Have it stand as your dream vehicle that remains immaculate, loved, and cared for. Treat yourself, by treating your car.

Photo courtesy of Vraj Shah on Pexels