Joint ONYX COATIN @ Pennsylvania Training Session on 15th-16th April 2023

Be a Part of Team ONYX COATING Pavels Auto Detail

The event, which will be eventful and take place over two days, promises great benefits and interest not only for the owners of auto repair shops or people who are engaged in the external tuning of cars.

Everyone who loves their car and wants it to have a premium look should be at this event.

ONYX coating – what is the philosophy of the company?

An innovative approach to car care. ONYX coating aims to solve the problems of car owners who need only the best car care products. It doesn’t matter what the cost of your car is. If you love your car, you will give it the best care. And the best car care is ONYX coating.

What benefits will you get from attending this event?

For two whole days, April 15 and 16, there will be a very rich event dedicated to the art of better car care. And in this rather short period of time, you can gain so much knowledge and skills in this area that participation in this event will truly be called your investment.

What workshops will take place on April 15 and 16 in Pennsylvania?

The first day of the event will make you the master of painting, and caring for your car’s exterior. If you ever wanted your car to look like it was an exhibit in the showroom, then this workshop is for you.

The second day is completely devoted to the care of ceramic coatings. On this day of the event, you will learn how to use the most innovative ways to care for ceramics.

The event is expected to be truly enchanting because, in addition to a full-fledged experience of immersion in the field of car care, you will receive: knowledge about the most innovative technologies, interesting communication, acquaintances within the field of car care, and even participation in master classes.

Therefore, do not hesitate to book a place for an event that will bring you huge profits in the future. Contact:

Pavel’s Auto Detail: [412] 908-1974

Carlos Gonzalez: [516] 469-7448   Email: 

Venue of the event:

2596 Brodhead Rd. Aliquippa, PA15001 (Right across from Arby’s)

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