Vunyx® Guard Pro Film


Drive with Brilliance, Protect with Confidence.

Introducing Onyx Coatings latest advancement in automotive enhancement, Vunyx® Guard Pro Film. This sophisticated product transcends conventional paint protection, featuring our pioneering Stain stain-resistant technology.
This innovative solution ensures a consistently pristine, mirror-like finish for vehicles, minimizing the need for extensive maintenance. Elevate your automotive care standards and spend more time on the road with Vunyx® Guard Pro Film by Onyx Coating

Custom-tailored for unparalleled business efficiency and superior results, our innovative features include:

  • Adaptive Design: Our film’s superior flexibility ensures easy adaptability around challenging areas like edges, bumpers, and mirrors. This means fewer seams and simpler applications.
  • Precision Liner: A distinct liner highlights cut lines, ensuring precise applications, which translates to cost savings and minimize wastage.
  • Water-Repellent Essence: Save on those regular car washes and enjoy a perpetually clean vehicle with our film’s inherent hydrophobic properties.
  • Elevated Aesthetics: Transform vehicles into sheer luxury, boasting a brilliant and radiant gloss.
    Self-Repair Tech: Our state-of-the-art polymer tech ensures minor scrapes and scratches become a worry of the past.
  • Assured Protection: Our 5 years warranty is a testament to our faith in Vunyx® Guard Pro Film, offering robust Défense against common wear and tear factors. (Please refer to the warranty terms and conditions
  • Resale Value Amplified: Keep the vehicle’s original charm intact, ensuring a favorable market price when it’s time to upgrade.
  • Dual-Action Topcoat: This unique topcoat offers a two-fold Défense: it actively repels stains while also boasting a natural water resistance, ensuring your vehicle stays pristine against bird residues, insect marks, and various on-road environmental challenges.


  • Easy Application: The film’s design ensures even first-time users find the application process smooth.
  • Enhanced UV Protection: Shield the car’s paint from the harsh rays of the sun (prevent 85% of UV rays), preventing fading and maintaining its vibrant color.
  • Cost Savings: Long-term protection means fewer visits to repair shops and reduced maintenance costs over the vehicle’s lifetime.
  • Peace of Mind: With Vunyx® Guard Pro Film on the guard, customers can rest easy knowing their investment is securely protected against most external threats.


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Vunyx™ Films : Master Pro

Cap Sheet: 1.5mil(40 microns)

TPU Thickness: 6 mil (150 microns)

Break Strength: Lifetime >45 lbs/in (83N/cm)

Warranty: Life-Time

Aging Test: Pass, NDE

Anti Yellowing: QUV accelerated aging Test Pass

Gloss Level
Chip Resistance
Stain Resistance
Self Healing
Impact Resistance
Pollutant Resistance