Advantages of a Graphene Ceramic Coating

Graphene Ceramic Coatings are the latest innovative technology-infused products that have been shown to outperform ceramic coatings. They have become particularly more and more accepted among detailers because of their hardness as well as anti-static properties. So what exactly are they and how do they outperform other ceramic coatings? 

The combination of Nano-technology and the properties of Graphene, including its flexibility, transparency, highly conductive, and impermeability make it the perfect material for protecting an exterior. It’s the product for a lifetime of protection against exterior contaminants, scratches, and more that can be applied to paint, metal and wheels.


Advantages of applying a Graphene Ceramic coating


In comparison with a normal Ceramic coating, the Graphene coating provides longer durability. It’s the longevity that makes this one of the best long-term exterior protective products. Once it’s been applied, it leaves a glossy finish with 10H hardness leaving the exterior with the ultimate layer of protection.


Ultra-high gloss

The nanoparticle Graphene layer leaves a deepened gloss that enhances the appearance of the paint for years to come.


Hydrophobic properties

Once applied, the exterior becomes completely hydrophobic. This is due to the fact that Graphene has a higher contact angle as a result of its chemical composition and honeycomb structure. Watch the water slide off the surface, leaving no time for evaporation that leaves annoying water spots and marks behind.


Repel dust and dirt

Due to the chemical properties that make up Graphene, the coating itself is anti-static. This means that the coating repels dust and other particles as they cannot properly settle on the surface of the car.


What else does this coating do? 

Graphene Ceramic coatings and general ceramic coatings are based on the same idea and theory. The reason why Graphene ceramic coatings outperform other coatings is that it is one of the sturdiest substances on the planet in addition to being one of the lightest, making its bonding abilities more effective. 


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