5 benefits of a Marine coating

Once you’ve taken the plunge and made that investment that has taken a few months if not years of overthinking, the next step is providing top-tier protection to it. There are various factors that can impact the deck of a boat including UV damage, unforeseen spills, seawater, oil, and rain. The most effective method to make sure that your boat is protected against the harsh conditions that you can find out the sea is simply applying a marine coating in advance.

 The top 5 benefits of applying a Marine coating

  1. Protection against saltwater, oxidation, stains, and chemicals 
  2. Creates resistance against scuff marks
  3. Lasts up to 2 YEARS
  4. Incredible gloss & shine like no other
  5. Requires less maintenance 

Due to rough conditions, seawater and other contaminants specific areas on a boat might experience more wear and rust than others. 

ONYX COATING has become well known for providing top-tier products that provide superior protection that other brands just can’t match. Another one of these products is Marine Coating. This product supplies extreme resistance against chemicals and lasts up to XX YEARS. Not only this but any surface this coating is applied to is protected against saltwater, oxidation, and stains. 

This coating ensures that the surface is resistant to wear that is often caused by moisture, impact, chemicals, weathering, fading, and of course corrosion. A Marine coating will guarantee resistance against scuff marks- which are often frustrating to remove. 

All in all, it just makes maintenance and cleaning that much easier. Cleaning a yacht or boat that has a Marine coating applied couldn’t be quicker. The incredibly strong molecular structure of ceramic coatings ensures the reduction of grime and dirt build-up, therefore once you get to the actual cleaning there isn’t that much build-up to remove. 

Cleaning becomes as simple as using a neutral-PH boat shampoo and soft brush!

Did you know that by applying a Marine coating to the exterior that you can increase the fuel efficiency and the top speed of your boat or yacht?

This is due to the hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings. There is less surface tension as well as water resistance.


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