What exactly is Graphene and where does it come from?

One of the biggest reasons we also enjoy using Graphene in our products is because of its transparency. It provides an incredible shield against toxins and chemicals whilst it adds a layer of glossiness. Graphene coatings have been around since 2004, but what exactly is Graphene and where does it come from?

Graphene is much like graphite, it is an element of carbon, however, its atoms are arranged differently, instead of being three-dimensional like graphite, Graphene is two-dimensional. It has been defined as one of the strongest materials in the universe and impermeable to most gases and liquids. In fact, many say it is 200 times as strong as steel. 

Graphene is the next revolution for Ceramic Coating and this is why ONYX COATING has released a line of coatings that use Graphene as a solution to car protection. There have been many questions and inquiries about what Graphene is exactly and how, when used in a ceramic coating, can provide the exterior protection a car´s surfaces need.  In simple terms, graphene is a single, thin layer of graphite that has incredible abilities such as flexibility, transparency, highly conductive, and impermeable to most gases and liquids.  

To achieve all of the benefits of the miraculous properties of Graphene, Graphene is extracted from graphite. What is extracted is a very thin atom that is two-dimensional. This extract is introduced into a medium (liquid) that is used to increase the Graphene´s ability to bond to the car body. For this reason, we recognize the incredible abilities of Graphene and have introduced it into our car protective products. 

We use graphene in our Graphene Ultra Hard 10H Ceramic Coating so that when applied to a car’s exterior it provides a layer of protection that can not be infiltrated by liquids such as oil and water.  It provides an incredible shield against toxins and chemicals whilst it adds a layer of glossiness. When Graphene is joined with a ceramic coating it adds years to the durability of the coating and increases a car´s resistance to scratches, weather conditions, UV rays, etc. In fact, in terms of water spot resistance, Graphene coatings are 90% better than a basic ceramic coating. 

The revolutionary Graphene Nanotechnology can be applied to paint, glass, trim, wheels, and more. After one application it can last well beyond 5 years, providing a car´s exterior with a deep, rich, and glossy shine that not only looks incredibly clean and well maintained but also is highly protected. 

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