How our Ceramic Coating performs after 3 months post detail

How our Ceramic Coating performs after 3 months post detail

We all know that ceramic coatings are built to last between 2-5 years, but how does the protection hold up after a few months? Does it in fact perform as well? 


To test the quality of the ceramic coating, a car that had a ceramic coating applied 3 months ago was fully evaluated. This car specifically was used daily, parked outside, and left outside 24/7.  In addition, the coating was tested by leaving the car unwashed for one month to check out its ability to repel dirt and other contaminants as well as its hydrophobic abilities even when covered in dirt and dust. 

The first step included giving the wheels and the exterior a quick wash, this wash however only consisted of applying a cleaning spray (for the wheels), a foam wash for the body of the car then giving it a hose down. As this was a touchless wash, the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties and abilities could be reviewed. 


Performance of the Ceramic Coating

To start off with, the quick wash proved that the water behavior that is provided by a ceramic coating is still intact. In fact, the soap and water rolled off. As the dirt build-up can prevent the ceramic coating from performing at its absolute best, the car was given a quick wipe down as well to remove any dirt that remained on the surface. 

The paintwork looks brand new after a quick but effective washdown. The ceramic coating has indeed done a magnificent job protecting the paintwork and providing the ultimate barrier against contaminants and damage.

To finish up with, the body of the car was given a quick blow-dry to further check the water behavior. It was found that the ceramic coating is performing as if it were applied a few days ago. The body of the car was exceptionally easy to dry as the water directly rolled off revealing a clean and incredibly shiny and reflective exterior. 


Benefits of having a quality ceramic coating

One of the most incredible bests of a ceramic coating is its ability to dry. As the water beads completely roll-off, the exterior will dry quickly without leaving any water spots. We cannot stress enough that one of the best, if not the best quality of a ceramic coating is its capacity to make the process of cleaning, drying, and maintaining the car quick, easy and bulletproof.


So there you have it, 3 months later and the ceramic coated car is as protected and shiny as ever. 

To correctly maintain a ceramic coated car we highly recommend that the car itself is cleaned every few weeks manually. If you’re looking for tips on how to wash a car by hand check out this blog.